Watch is an essential device, used by many people around the world. The selection of design and style differs from person to person. The watch may be more valuable for some persons that might have some reasons.

Once if it gets damaged or repaired you will be looking for a watch service center. Make sure that you are choosing the best watch service provider to make you watch alive again. Learn more about watch services on this site.

Even there are many watch service centers are available in the UK, only few provide their best services even it is a branded watch. Among the few, swiss watch repair is also one of the best watch service providers. With almost 25 years of experience, they are providing service and repair the watches.

Services include polishing bracelet, basic repairs, movement adjustment, replacement of hands, refinishing and clean polish case, replacement of the battery, ad pressure test. With advanced and computerized devices, watch’s efficiency can check automatically like wrist up and down. 

Process of watch service and repairing

Services include every part of the watches to be cleaned which may be any damage. With the help of the diagnostic department, your watch will be assessed and based on that estimation will be given to you.

After that, the repairing process starts with complete dismantling like assembling the standard parts, head replacement, refurbishment of the new metal bracelet.

The case will be cleaned in the chemical baths and seals and gaskets cleaned by keeping it in large ultrasonic tanks.

Once the cleaning is completed it is systematically reassembled and with the oil and greases it will be lubricated. The branded batteries also available and which will be replaced in case of any replacement.  According to the specification manufacturers, the completed movement will regulate the timing machine.

At last, the repaired watch will be taken under the process for quality checking.