Gone with the days when you have to hire an artist to draw something for your projects! Today, making your own stuff and projects made easier using advanced tools and machines. Computers are of great help in these tasks nowadays. 

Here’s what: have you observed those shops that produce customized printing of fabric? Such as shirts, pillows, bags, and many others? Maybe you have also observed how clean and perfect their outputs are? Well, you yourself can also do that and it’s definitely easy using cricut Iron.

What is a Cricut Iron?

A cricut iron is one of the best innovations in the world of printing. It’s actually a printer with a more advanced feature, and that is, it capacity of printing stuff on different materials. These printouts can further be used for other tasks such as transferring the cut materials or drawings to fabrics using heat transfer. Sounds interesting? Great!

What is Cricut Iron on Vinyl?

A cricut machine can actually be used with various printing materials and one of these materials is vinyl. Others are foil, PVC, etc but let’s focus on vinyl as it is the most widely used. To get more detailed info on Review: Cricut® Iron-on Lite, Black Heat Transfer Vinyl – Craft Vinyl Reviews, visit on hyperlinked site.

Now, have you seen that great objects printed on your shirt? With fancy colors and shapes, these prints were just generated on computer.  Using a special software, an artist can choose among different images on the library of the software.  in such software too, a person can edit and enhance images so it would look stunning when being transferred to fabric.

Once done with editing and the image has finally enhanced, it will then be ready for printing and cutting.  The images on the software will then be sent to the cricut printer.  Choose among the material and set it to vinyl.  Once “PRINT” is pressed, the image will be printed on to the vinyl. 

In order to achieve that great cut and shapes, you don’t have to use cutters or scissors as the vinyl could be peeled off.  Once done with peeling, your images will then be ready for cricut ironing or transferring of image to the fabric using heat press.